About Us

Js Reptiles

Hello, Our goal is to give the best experiance and bring a new pet to your life. We are a small business and we are just starting, but we love to provide the best supplies, plants and live animals in the market. About me is I started unknowing about chameleons and the more I found out I fell in Love of chemeleon's. I got my first chameleon when I was 14 years old not know how to take care of a chameleon, I love chemelons so much I belive there so cool and in love with mine. This is why I would like for everyone to enjoy there first pet in guidence.

We breeed chameleon here at jsreptiles and we insure that it gets to you safely and on time. As well as not only we breed reptiles but we breed plants to ensure safe for your home and reptiles. Our plants and reptiles go though a 3 step inspection before posting on our store.

1.inpect - we comfim that your plant and products are well inpected if we see an issue we fix it or wait untill it in great condition.

2. Comfirm - We comfirm that the item is in great condion we list it in our shop and asign a agent to those products to ensure we are right on track to delivering to you.