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J’s Reptile

Jr Golden Pothos plant

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This plant is a beautiful plant with its vine structure it great for reptiles to hang onto and make the cage look great this plant is in the same family as Marble Queen pothos and as well has that purifying air treatment. This plant is also easy to propagate and to make more of them. This plant is also called devils ivy but same plant just different name.

This plant is a baby plant in a Plastic pot included, it has a couple of months and has been inspected and insured that it will thrive with the correct watering and care for it. we will provide a care sheet with every plant order.

The picture is the exact plant you will get with less leave only if we think that it will get damaged on it way to you. The plant is in 6.5 Inch pot and this type of plant it’s easy to make it bushy or long wise if you to your. This plant is great for brown thumb because need very little light and lawyering once soil is dry a few inches.