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well started Hydei fruit flies culture

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Drosophila Hydei are very common fly to feed pounded dart frogs, Small reptiles, chameleons, lizards amphibians etc. These flies are larger than Melanogaster flies these Hydei fuit flies measure about 1/8”. We sell well started culture in a 32oz container, these cultures have about 200 - 300 flies. The difference between a fresh started and a well started cultures is, a well started culture Upon buying they will be able to be fed right away. Fresh culture would have to wait to start producting flies. A producing culture would have up to  500 flies or more depending on the strength of the culture it self. These flies require 78 degrees F to be well developing and 60% - 80% in Humidity. 

Once received give them a few minutes to rewarm a bit depending on the temp, but after warm they will be ready to feed. When you receive them you might not see any because they went to a process called stunged which is when there in a dark place and when it cold they stop moving to save warmth. But there small so they should warm up quickly.